Does my phone need a screen protector?

You’re already spending a lot of money on your new smartphone, so why not pay a little more for additional protection?


You need to buy accessories to protect it and keep it in good condition. Or maybe you’re just a confession idiot knowing that your cell phone has an additional layer of protection.


In addition to buying a phone case, you might be thinking of installing a screen protector on your smartphone. Screen protectors add a much-needed layer of protection between the outside world and the actual glass of your phone screen.


Here’s why you should consider screen protectors for your smartphone:


  1. Reduces eye strain. A screen protector with a matte finish reduces the sharpness of reflections and diffuses them. However, the new screen protector uses chemical treatment to provide an additional layer of screen protection.


  1. Protection from dirt buildup.  A person in a lab coat wipes the phone with a cloth. Because of constant use, smartphones build up bacteria. Some screen protectors have antibacterial properties built into the glass to remove bacteria from the screen. There can also be an anti-dust coating on some screen protectors.


Screen protectors also have a coating on the surface. The oleophobic layer protects the screen from natural finger oils and the coating is water repellent.


  1. Provide privacy. Some screen protectors have a color-like coating that only allows the person who is looking at the screen to see the screen. If you look at the screen from a different angle, only the color screen is visible to humans. It’s a great way to avoid prying eyes.



  1. Protection against wear and tear. Most new models of smartphones are already made with Corning Gorilla Glass or other similar protection. They are scratch-resistant, but not scratch-resistant. Using a screen protector does not 100% guarantee that the screen will not break if dropped, but it does provide an extra layer of protection.


  1. Keeps your phone pristine. If you’re going to replace your phone for a future upgrade or sell it for money to buy a new smartphone, it’s best to use a sticky screen protector. A slight scratch on a smartphone screen can significantly reduce its value.


  1. Works like a mirror. Another advantage of the reflective glass screen protector is that it can act as a mirror when the smartphone screen is turned off. It doesn’t directly benefit your phone, but it does help you somehow.

An expensive smartphone. There is a lot of controversy online about whether it’s worth buying a screen protector, but there’s not much to lose. The small price is still a bargain in exchange for convenience, convenience, and a screen full of tiny scratches. So you might ask yourself if a screen protector is necessary but you need to understand that while your gadget’s screen isn’t as frail as it used to be, they are not unscratchable.


Final Thoughts

In short, when your phone screen is scratched it can even be some pocket sand or even loose change that could have caused it. While protectors are imperfect at times, some are excellent at handling the toughest of falls. Thinking of the long run is always key, you can always replace an iPhone screen protector but a single scratch on your actual screen can depreciate its value.


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