What are your duties of Public Relations Officer?

The Public Relations Officer first of all participates in the definition of the image and identity of the company , to identify the characteristics on which to build the corporate communication strategies.

Then, the PR then takes care of designing an external relations plan (in collaboration with the communication team), identifying objectives, contents, tools and obviously with a focus on the target audience.

Once the project has been launched (which may include, for example, the distribution of information materials, the organization of events, cultural initiatives, relations with the press, etc.), the Public Relations Officer will take care of collecting data relating to project results.

Parallel to the communication activities, all the management activities of the databases of contacts and relations with the public, suppliers, collaborators , etc. are carried out.

It is possible that the Public Relations Officer takes on a particular specialization , in the event that he operates in a complex reality that requires the presence of several professionals. For example:

  • responsible for external relations , who manages in particular the relationship between the company, the media, the press, customers and associations.
  • responsible for internal relations , who instead manages the relationship between the company and employees, retailers, etc.
  • lobbyist , who looks after the company’s interests in the political world

What are the skills he must have?

A public relations officer must have soft skills in the field of marketing , public communication , corporate communication , multimedia communication , consumer psychology , advertising. They must also have knowledge of the languages ​​and dynamics of press office and event organization activities .

The PR should also have an excellent predisposition to interpersonal relationships , communication skills and organizational and negotiation skills .

Among the soft skills he should possess we highlight: creativity, flexibility, predisposition to innovation and updating, stress management skills.

What is the most appropriate training path?

To become a Public Relations Officer it is necessary to obtain a degree, better in Communication Sciences or Public Relations .

After graduation, it is advisable to enroll in a specific professional training course or a master’s to obtain a postgraduate specialization.

Finally, the acquisition of practical training, for example through an internship (in some cases already provided by the university) , is very important for job placement .

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